Among all the advantages of online payday loans via Bridge lender, the need to justify why we need money is one of the most appreciated by customers. Even so, we offer the applicant the possibility to comment briefly on what he needs the money for. We do not do it to decide whether to grant the loan or not but to have a global idea of the needs of our clients, to continue improving our high level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Many are those who decide not to argue for what they need money, even so, more and more are those who, by their own will, do so and argue the reason for requesting microcredits. Of all those who tell us the reason for their request, almost half of them argue that they do so due to an unforeseen event (44.93%). Currently, online credits have been growing in notoriety in recent years and have established themselves as one of the preferred options by the Spanish to deal with certain unforeseen events.

The fact that a large percentage of users make use of these quick credits only in specific cases indicates that the great majority request credits in exceptional and sporadic cases. That is the most appropriate and rational use of our services because our service is the most appropriate when money is urgently needed at a certain time. We do not recommend that you depend on microcredit on a regular basis, as if it were a salary.

Other reasons why we ask for microloans

The rest of the reasons also revolve around aspects related to disbursing an amount of money higher than expected. The most common reasons are a phone bill that arrives higher than expected, a technical breakdown, a delay in the payment of the payment and some other unforeseen that we have all suffered at some time. But facing all these problems, with our services, is much simpler and faster. As we can see in the infographic, 11.83% of the total of people who justified their request, they did it arguing that they needed the money to pay some bill that went off above the predicted. 8.37% asked for it to buy food that, at the end of the month, can be a challenge for some Spaniards. The 7.78% requested a mini-credit for issues related to the repair of the car or a traffic ticket and 6.12% requested the online credit to pay the rent more comfortably. As we can see, quick credits are a very feasible solution for unexpected situations, a very simple way to face small setbacks.

Finally, it should be mentioned that one must be very careful when requesting a loan to pay another loan, which should only be done in exceptional cases and, as we see, represents 0.81% of the justifications. Credit is not a gift, it is a tool that helps to face certain situations but of which one should not make excessive use.